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I haven't met many men who do not get pleasure out of pleasing their partners when it comes to sex. It doesn't matter if it is a one night stand or long time partner, it feels good knowing that you have left a positive lasting impression. What better way to do that than giving her a soaking wet orgasm that she will never forget.

I love seeing a pussy squirt, for me there is nothing better than being soaked by female ejaculation and knowing that I caused it to happen. I have created this site because of my love of squirting pussy. My pleasure used to be limited to watching it online however I recently discovered an eBook which taught me how to make women squirt and now I enjoy the real thing (and still watch it online!!).


Female Pussy Squirting - The facts

All women can squirt, that is the claim some women make, those that don't just haven't discovered how to. Many women reach these heights during sex and they are unsure of what has happened to them. Agony aunts receive 100's of letters and emails from anguished females who feel deeply embarrassed in the assumption they have wet the bed when reaching a climax.

What is female squirting? - Female ejaculate released out of the vagina at the point of climaxing. A fluid that some women easily release while having sex, others can only release it through hand masturbation or by the use of a sex toy while some women say they have only experienced a squirt once in their life.

Where does it come from? The female ejaculate is expelled through the urethra, although this is the same place as urine passes through I can assure you it is not the same thing. Scientific studies have proven that the actual fluid a female squirts is of an alkaline substance released by the Skene's gland, it is clear and it doesn't stain. Research has also shown that the female ejaculate contains two sugars, fructose and glucose - Yummy!!

How much can women squirt? - It depends on the individual, anything from a teaspoon to two cup fulls of ejaculate.

Do you need a big penis? - No, most women will only be able to squirt through hand or sex toy masturbation. I would suggest if you are worried about the size of your penis to take a look at the Dick Lift website for methods and ways to improve the size of your manhood without surgery.


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Exclusive techniques for masturbating her pussy controlling the moment of climax and soaking wet orgasms. You will have your women squirting tonight, easy to follow and master fingering technique and warm up G-spot sex.

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"My favorite link was Slutty Squirters, I felt sure I was going to see staged squirting but after watching Aubrey ejaculate while working herself with a dildo I'm 100% sure I was watching the real deal." - Anonymous UK

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"My name is Emma and I just want to thank you for the ebook on how to make a female ejaculate, we haven't quite mastered the technique yet however my boyfriend has just given me the most mind blowing orgasm I have ever had!!!" - Emma MN

"Love your site just love it, I just want to say thank you so much for the ebook I brought it on the quiet matered the technique for myself and then treated my husband to his own private porn show, you should have seen his face, it was a picture" - May UK

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Real Squirting Sex Dates

Are you a single female or male looking for some no strings fun? Have you ever considered one of those XXX rated dating sites where adults meet in the hope of finding themselves a fuck buddy? Dating sites aimed solely for those looking for a discreet sexual encounter? Imagine trying out your pussy squirting technique on someone looking for a one night stand. The thought of being able to give a female a genuine squirting orgasm for the first time, or if you are a female being able to squirt for a guy who has never seen one before? Wouldn't you become Mr or Mrs popular.

Your new casual sex date would be begging for your phone number and your cock or pussy would be in demand 24/7 you could pick and choose from who, when and where. You could build yourself up a right list of casual fuck buddies.

Casual sex for women used to be contained to swinger parties and all hush hush, now it is far more widely accepted that women need sex just as much as guys. Business women who haven't time for a steady relationship, women looking for a secret love affair to distract them from their boring marriage and women who just love the thrill of a one night stand.

If you haven't considered a dating site aimed at sex, fun and more sex before never has there been a better time to start looking through the free classified sections, do so today and you could be having some squirting fun tonight!!


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